Oneth of the Month Wednesdays
At the We are powering up our new location for classes & workshops

Doors open at 7:00 ... the event begins at 7:35
Bring your friends, your sweetie ... or even a first date!

Scout Bartlett's presents his world-renowned lecture series every

Oneth of the Month Wednesday
 (a.k.a. "First Wednesday" of the
month). Combining profoundly clear Life Insights, tremendous
healing energy and Scout's wit and aliveness with years of
experience, Scout
guarantees you'll have plenty to talk about after
each and every one!

Please Join Us for this evening of Deep Energy healing and
Been feeling the "popular fear" being peddled by the press???  
Come join us and spend an evening
elevating your life-force flow
up and above that "popular broadcast"  ...
even for just a short
'vacation' ...

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our "oneth of the month" events are moving
to new locations. Please call or email for the
location each month

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Our lecture topics:
Presented the:
Oneth of the Month Wednesday" evenings
(and in 2010 expanding to San Francisco and additional locations)

**January  You are Here --      <earth> WHY???

February  Releasing and UnCovering--Life Power
                           a mystic's view
March  Men & Women ... Yup, they're Different
"Lots of our workshops get us notes, thanking us for the changes
in people's lives... but None of them get more notes than This
one... thanking us for Completely changing relationships ...
between genders and even with the "same" gender!!!" You just
have to Be THERE

April  Love is an Energy Flow
Where is it, who's in charge of it and how to release your Own
 Flow of Love... All in one sweet Evening's Experience

May ReOpening the Heart
The "5 Basic Rules of Love" and how they've ruled your life!
An evening of getting out of the enclosure ... and living Well
beyond the predictions of those 5 rules!

June   Recognizing your Own Gifts and Value

July Intuition, Addiction and Sensitivity

August  Merging Energies, Sex, Tantra and Spirit

September   Manifestation and Prosperity

October    Life after Death ... And Before ...

November  Align and Accelerate Your Chakra energy

'Release and ReConnect'  
ReLease your Heart and ReConnect into your own flow of Love
Release the old scars and closed off aliveness flow
and ReConnect with your own beautiful flow of love ... Heart Energy in
the Core of your being

**Note: there are rare exceptions to the "oneth of the Month
Wednesday 'rule'  due to Scout's Travel schedule.
those exceptions are marked **
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***************** special event *****************
JOIN SCOUT        The Excellence Series
in Group Format!

Pop out the "upper end limitations" across the entire
spectrum of your life!

Usually only offered in one-on-one private format...
Scout is offering this remarkable life transformational
experience in Group Format... to make it even more
Send an email for more information

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Our location is changing... please call or email for the
location of these events.

Doors open at 7:00 pm ... write "everything is energy" on any
piece of paper and it becomes a
"two for one" coupon, for you to
bring a friend with you, for our 'energy warming" of this beautiful
new space!

To make them accessible, these events are just $15
Schedules & Recordings!
Schedules & Recordings!
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the afternoon of:
Sunday December 16
a Special Gift to you ...
a Guided Healing exercise from our
November OMW --
Energy and Alignment
Guided Exercise