Life Insights gathers the deepest of ancient mystery school
teachings and brings them together with:

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Mind Sciences and Consciousness training
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What we do
Based on the work of Scout Bartlett, Life Insights offers:
corporate communications consulting and hiring evaluations
classes, lectures, and events
personal one-on-one Life Coaching and psychic readings
all to unfold the areas in your life which have been ... folded...
and let you experience a life reflecting what you've had inside you.
What's New
At East West Book Store!
Monday June 18th 7:30-9:00pm
Manifestation: A Change of Mind  
a remarkable experiential evening
in the energy flow of Scout
and the Life Insights teachings.

Sunday June 24   extended workshop  
Manifestation: A Change of Futures  
An Expanded Beneficial Experiential
An opening of your inner flow
... your life experience is a reflection
of the energy patterns of flow
through your chakra system.
Tune that flow
in a single one-day expanded workshop experience
in  the energy of Scout and the Life Insights teachings

OMG it's the OMW

(Oneth of the Month Wednesday
Evening Workshop)  

Coming Right Up !!!
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*********** Events in "our" new event center**********
***** 425 N. Whisman Rd - Suite 700 - Mountain View *****
OMG  you can order OMW (Oneth of the Month Wednesdays)
You will be able to order  'OMW" workshops and
download the audio Right from the Website onto your computer!!!
with bonus recordings!!!
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"One from the Heart" ... special workshops on the air
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Our next events at East West Book Shop  in Mountain View:

There are New events coming at East West!!!
GO to their site... go into the calendar and hold the "ctrl" key and
type the letter: F
then in the "find next" box (at the top of bottom of your screen) type
and see what you can find!!!
AND More Importantly!!!


"the healing class"  
the foundational work in the Life Insights Energy Trainings! Truly it is
10 classes to a completely "new normal" in your living as well as a
remarkable set of tools that make it the introduction to the Rest of
your Life!!!

The Holy Days Message Trance
the 2010 Holy Days Message Trance channeling
an afternoon of Grace,
soaking in the energy and Insights of Scout's
Highest Guidance Counsel
recorded: Sunday December 11, 2011.



Tune in to Scout on "Life Insights Live" Radio

"One from the Heart" ... special workshops on the air

Life Insights
295 Bentley Court
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Pacheco, CA 94553
This is it
5 Week
Manifestation Training
Audio Downloads
July and August
5 Week Manifestation Training
Audio Downloads
Sept and Oct
Schedules & Recordings!
Schedules & Recordings!

recordings of
the manifestation
free introductory evening

East West
recordings of the
'real life' Ghost Stories
and Insights into:
'Life after Death                 
and Before'

presented  Oct 31, 2009
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Audio Recordings:
Oneth of the Month
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Free Audio of the Guided
exercise from that
KKUP radio Pledge
The Holy Days Message
a remarkable annual event
generously 'hosted' by

click here -for a sample of
the: 'Men and Women, Yup,
They're Different' workshop
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Audio samples and
Every Week
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Private Sessions (By Phone)
Readings, Treatments
and Personal Coaching
with Scout
call (925) 676-5189
for your appointment

Every Monday -
Life Insights Live on: KEST RADIO
Life Insights Live on the air
then be on the air for his own program
KEST Radio 1450-AM  
and on www.IfIdKnownThen.Com-click here
The shows are posted, to our web archives
typically by 9:00am-click here!

The First Saturday of the Month-all day
and now every week on THURSDAYS!!!
a personal appearance
Private Readings with Scout
Scout offers "face-to-face" private sessions in the
East West Book Store  in Mountain View
by appointment only --- call the store
(650) 988-9800

the First Wednesday of each month!
Scout's power-filled "Oneth of the
Month Wednesday" workshop-evenings
click here for this month's topic
Real Life Understandings you can apply
the very next day!
doors open @ 7:00pm-9:45pm    
Oneth of the Month Workshop
@the clocktower conference center   
425 N. Whisman Rd #700-- Mountain View.

the healing class
starting soon!  -evening
the healing class series
the healing class
Son of Healing
Daughter of Healing
Child of Healing
in San Francisco, Mountain View, San
Jose, Santa Cruz and the East Bay!

Doors open @ 7:00am-9:45pm   
a profound, delightfilled and powerful "having your
most centered and powerful place ... be your 'new
normal'   10 session training
email for registration.
to Listen or
download the audio
---  2011 Solstice
a Great Sample--
Scout's  Life Insights LIVE-Bonus Show
broadcast on KEST San Francisco.
Scout gives psychic 'gift' readings to
callers, Live on the Air! A Great Example
of being fully seen ... with Life Insights
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