The Holy Days Message

Each year for decades, now,
Scout has created the opportunity
for his highest guidance counsel
to share with us,
the Holy Days Message.

A very special, remarkable,
annual event, it brings the energy,
delight and enlightened view
of those highly evolved teachers
into words and experience.

The rich joy and light of
a gathering of people,
all with the true intent
of this season
which contains
numerous celebrations of
family, genetic and chosen,
and of reconnection.

It is truly the season of love,
the flow of life-force energy
within each one of us,
which is celebrated
in the
Holy Days Message.

The rich and profound
spiritual perspective
brings the current year
and the coming year into focus,
with an understanding of
the energy connection
that forms us all.

And, again, this year ...
we've been reminded ...
we are spirits ...
growing ...
through all of our human
experiences ... every one.

it is with love ...
everything is energy
everything is love
The recordings of
December 13, 2009
2010 was even
More beautiful ...

Many Many thanks
to the wonderful
volunteers who
created the beauty
of our 2010 Holy
Days celebration
Particularly our
team leaders:

Room manager:
Scott B

Room Beauty:
Diane M

General Support
Darshana G

Food Treats
Susan T

Ellen H

And the many
members of
Teacher Training
and Advanced
Studies for
assistance with final
detail and sharing
energy alignments
with all who

My heart is full
with appreciation
for every one of
The recordings of
December 12, 2010
Images from the
2009 event
December 11,
Clocktower Conference
425 N. Whisman Rd
suite 700 Mountain View
Sunday Dec 11, 2011  Doors open at 1:00pm event starts a little after 2:00
Clocktower Conference room  
425 N. Whisman Rd, Mountain View, CA -