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East West Book Store
October 31, 2009
real Life Ghost Stories
Insights into
Life After Death
 ... and Before
To the Right are the links to Workshop Recordings from workshops,
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East West Book Shop, Mountain View.

If you've already purchased the
"access codes" or received them as
a gift from Scout, give a quick Read to the
"techie notes" below,
then locate the link to "your event"

Click on that event link, a "halt who goes there" page will show up.
(we have no control over how ugly that is, sorry ... just imagine it as really
cute artwork of a castle with a knight in shiny armor calling out, "Halt, Who
Goes There?")
Just type your first line and second line access codes, and Voila' a
new page will open with your workshop recordings!

Any questions or problems or if you wish to purchase access to additional events,     
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sorta 'techie' NOTES, in case you don't have a teenager in your home to
explain all this to you,
you can:
1) Click on a track and wait.. after a bit, the chosen recording should
begin to play on your computer.

However what i recommend that you do,  ***

2) Create a file: "LIfe Insights Workshops" or "The Amazing Scout" something
like that on your computer's hard drive or your desktop.
Save the audio tracks onto your computer.

This allows several good things:
-A) on most systems, you can be downloading more than one track at a time
-B) you can then
burn the audio onto CD's                                           
either: in
MP-3 format:
This allows hours and hours of workshop material on One CD,
but requires an "MP-3 capable CD player, computer or DVD player to play it back.
OR in "Audio" format, which will play on Any CD or DVD player.
-C) or move them onto an
I-Pod or MP-3 player and take them everywhere!

*** Here's How
PC Style..
"right click" on the recording name
choose "save link as"  or "save target as" or "Save File as"
(or something very much like that) It will ask you where you want to
put it, choose that "Scout is Amazing" file .. or what ever you named
it ... and click the "go" or "Ok" or "save" button
Do the same thing fo

From there you can play it, without "download" time delays
or you're welcome to put it onto your I-Pod, or other MP-3 player or
burn it to CD's if you choose to.

Please, this workshop is for you. You're welcome to share it with your
friends by having them listen with you, or loaning them your copy,
but please do not 'distribute' copies?

You're welcome to rave about our workshops to your friends, of
course ... even Insist they MUST study with Life Insights, too!