425 N. Whisman Rd. suite 700 ...
Middlefield to Whisman...  turn North (feels East)
then Just AFTER the Stop-Light-to-nowhere-obvious...
driveway on Right
behind  Clock Tower Coffee Roasting Co. #2
the Clock Tower Conference Center...  meeting room

Doors open at 7:00 pm ...
Oneth of the Month events start at 735
Schedules & Recordings!
Schedules & Recordings!
*2011  Feb - April   
the healing class   
Class Members
The "corner stone" training in the LIfe Insights Teachings:

10  Evenings of the consciousness practice:
the healing class
10 evening transformational experience
channeled and written by Scout Bartlett

NO Prerequisites, except
(at least "a mature 16 years" of) life ...
typical evening format is: 7:30 - 9:40 pm
Email us, for current schedules

with Individual Energy Alignments
starting at 7:00pm

a 'subconscious' and 'conscious' mind-changing
and as a result: future-changing

* a brand new "normal" in your life
You WILL see the transformation, week-to-week
and you'll be "walking" your "new centered normal" already,
by the end of class...
with a full set of familar and practiced 'tools'
to continue to Expand that
"centered" state into Every Arena of your life!

Because the class is entirely energy-based, it picks up,
where EVER you are in your personal developement,
and you Grow, tremendously, from there.
From "the first personal growth experience you've ever tried,"
to 20+ years of study ...
you'll see
you, in an entirely new light ... Glowing!
The healing class --- the
foundational work of Life
Insights ---
Prerequisites: "mature"17 ... Or
more years of life experience
"Before things in life Can be better...
They Have to be Not the Same!"
This fabulous
Consciousness-expansion training
has well over 5000 graduates ...
Many of those graduates, even
years later, still rave about using
this set of energy tools as their
personal 'foundation.' It is a
'Break-through' experience in
personal awareness and spiritual
opening, no Matter what
background you bring to it, your
energy state and your "normal"
will expand into an entirely New
normal! Give yourself the gift of ...
The Rest of your Life ...
Currently scheduled
2012 dates
for our Mountain View
Oneth of the Month
January 18 ***
February 1
March 7
April 4
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the afternoon of:
Sunday December 16
*2012  Feb - April    
the healing class
in Sonoma    
Class Members
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*2012  Jan - March     
the healing class
in Mountain View     
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