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425 N. Whisman Rd. suite 700 ...
Middlefield to Whisman...  turn North (feels East)
then Just AFTER the Stop-Light-to-nowhere-obvious... driveway on Right
behind  Clock Tower Coffee Roasting Co. #2
the Clock Tower Conference Center...  meeting room

Doors open at 7:00 pm ...
Schedules & Recordings!
Schedules & Recordings!
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for our Mountain View
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Sunday December 11
'Dumping Burdens  
Gathering Light  2012
Jan-April 10-session  
Class Members Access

Dumping Burdens
Gathering Light
In 2012!
a Ten session series!
Starting Wednesday Jan 25
offered in person AND "remote"
(note: we will run two recorders every class,
the remote series will have a back-up recording!)

NO Prerequisites, except (at least "a mature 16 years" of) life ...

7:35 - 9:45 pm You can still join this class in person, until Feb 8

Classes in the Clocktower Conference Center  
425 N. Whisman Rd Mountain View  
(directions below)
or attenting class REMOTELY
with Individual Energy Alignments by grads of 'the healing class'
starting at 7:10pm
An "altered States" training in the LIfe Insights Teachings:
10  Evenings of the consciousness practice:
soon to say all the cool
stuff we just said in the email
about this class
10 evening transformational experience with Scout

A remarkable experience!

You can still join this class NOW
Attending classes in Mountain View or attenting class REMOTELY!
(our new class and workshop location!)  
with Individual Energy Alignments
starting at 7:10pm