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425 N. Whisman Rd. suite 700 ...
Middlefield to Whisman...  turn North (feels East)
then Just AFTER the Stop-Light-to-nowhere-obvious... driveway on Right
behind  Clock Tower Coffee Roasting Co. #2
the Clock Tower Conference Center...  meeting room

Doors open at 7:00 pm ...
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Schedules & Recordings!
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for our Mountain View
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the afternoon of:
Sunday December 11
Chakra Resonance
Introductory Experience
Audio Track 1
'Chakra Resonance Training
2011 Sept-Dec 11-session  
Class Members Access

Chakra Resonance training
In 2011!
ELEVEN session series!
Starting Wednesday Sept 14
offered in person AND "remote"
(note: we will run two recorders every class,
the remote series will have a back-up recording!)

NO Prerequisites, except (at least "a mature 16 years" of) life ...

7:35 - 9:45 pm You can still join this class in person, until Sept 28

Classes in the Clocktower Conference Center  
425 N. Whisman Rd Mountain View  
(directions below)
or attenting class REMOTELY
with Individual Energy Alignments by grads of 'the healing class'
starting at 7:10pm
An "altered States" training in the LIfe Insights Teachings:
10  Evenings of the consciousness practice:
Chakra Resonance training
10 evening transformational experience with Scout
Each week Scout 'tones,' energized and speaks to the primary
Chakra energy centers in your system. Through the course of the
training, he brings them into 'resonance' freeing them to vibrate
in their natural essence and 'tuning' them to each other until you
are a single vibrational frequency.
A remarkable experience!

starting Wed January 27th of "two Oh One Oh"
NO Prerequisites, except
(at least "a mature 16 years" of) life ...
7:30 - 9:40 pm
You can still join this class NOW
Attending classes in Mountain View or attenting class REMOTELY!
(our new class and workshop location!)  
with Individual Energy Alignments
starting at 7:10pm